District 11
Northwest Bronx

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District 11 - G. Oliver Koppell
3636 Waldo Avenue, Bronx 10463
City Hall: (212) 788-7078
District: (718) 549-7300
Fax: (718) 549-9945

Committee Assignments:
Consumer Affairs, member
Education, member
Environmental Protection, member
Land Use, member
Transportation, member
Landmarks, Public Siting & Maritime, member of Land Use Subcommittee

G. Oliver Koppell

From the Bottle Bill to the P.L.O.

Twenty years ago in the New York State Assembly, I was the lead sponsor of the state's returnable container law, known as the "bottle bill." The bottle bill returns a customer's five-cent deposit when cans and bottles are redeemed. It encourages recycling, reduces litter, and costs the consumer nothing.

Now as part of his proposal to suspend the city's recycling of glass, plastic, and metal, Mayor Bloomberg is planning on repealing the bottle bill.

The mayor's proposal is environmentally disastrous and fiscally unsound. Not only would this increase the amount of litter on our streets, in parks, and other public places, it would actually increase the cost of collection and disposal of cans and bottles. If anything, the bottle bill should be expanded to include containers of ice tea, juice, and water, not repealed.

I am also opposed to the plan to dismantle and abolish the community school boards of New York City, and I recently introduced a resolution into the City Council urging the state legislature to reject the proposal.

The community school boards were created in 1969 after a long struggle to decentralize the control of schools from an unresponsive bureaucracy. The school boards allow for the voices of minorities, community-based groups, and individuals to be heard. We need those voices and a structure for their input more now than ever before.

In my district, overcrowded schools are a serious issue. Our elementary schools are the most needy; schools like P.S. 81, P.S. 94, and P.S. 95 are all packed to capacity. We are currently building two new schools in the Riverdale and Kingsbridge area, and we have proposals to build seven more schools in our district. And the community should have a say in where they should be built and how they should be operated.

Despite these challenges, the northwest Bronx also has great potential. We have many parks like Van Cortland, the Bronx Botanical Gardens, and we border the Hudson and Bronx River Parks. We are currently looking at developing the waterfront area along the Hudson River. I am in support of legislation in Albany that will dedicate Jerome Park Reservoir as park land, instead of locating a massive water filtration plant in the area.

One of the biggest opportunities is making use of the Kingsbridge Armory, which is one of the largest indoor spaces in the country. For the last 10 years, I have had an idea to turn the Kingsbridge Armory into a world-class athletic facility for training Olympic athletes that would also be available for community use. I have studied what was done with the facilities in Lake Placid, New York, which are open to the public and people come from all over the country to train there. There is room for tennis facilities, basketball, indoor football and soccer, and track and field events. There is seating for 5,000 people. It could also be used as a convention center space, where once a year the New York Boat Show could be held. We could have a facility that is accessible to 15 million in the New York metropolitan area and would greatly benefit the area.

I also believe that in the New York City Council it is important for council members to take the lead on international issues. That is why I drafted a resolution calling on President Bush to declare the Palestinian Liberation Organization a terrorist group and have called for the closing of their offices on 65th Street. This resolution has received coverage in Israel and all over the world and lets the world know the New York will stand up to terrorism.

Based on an interview with G. Oliver Koppell by Keith Hendershot. Posted March 11, 2002.

Community Boards for District 11
Community Board No. 7
229A E. 204th St., Bronx, NY 10458
(718) 933-5650
Ms. Nora Feury, Chair
Ms. Rita Kessler, District Manager
Community Board No. 8
5676 Riverdale Ave., Bronx, NY 10471
(718) 884-3959
Mr. Wm. Abramson, Chair
Ms. Grace A. Belkin, District Manager
Community Board No. 12
4101 White Plains Rd., Bronx, NY 10466
(718) 881-4455
Father Richard Gorman, Chair
Ms. Carmen Angueira, District Manager

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Environmental Restoration Plan - Jerome Park Reservoir Plan (Jerome Park Conservancy)

197-a plan - Bronx CD8 2000: A River to Reservoir Preservation Strategy (Bronx Community Board 8)

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