District 28
Richmond Hill, Rochdale Village, South Jamaica

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District 28 - Allan Jennings
250 Broadway, Queens 10007
City Hall: (212) 788-6850
Fax: (212) 442-2729

Committee Assignments:
Civil Service & Labor, Chair
Cultural Affairs, Libraries & International Intergroup Relations, member
Environmental Protection, member
Finance, member
Public Safety, member

Fresh Democracy

by Allan W. Jennings

I am entering the New York City Council at one of the most pivotal times in the council's history.

All of our lives have been touched by the events of September 11th. My own campaign suffered because our treasurer's office was located in World Trade Center One. We lost all our records, access to our bank accounts for months, and worst of all, we lost our treasurer and good friend Frank Lin, who perished as well.

I will work with all leaders of the government to bring the vital services that are needed in the 28th council district which includes neighborhoods like Richmond Hill, South Ozone Park, South Jamaica, and Baisley Park. We must provide affordable housing, bring economic development to every community, create jobs and most importantly establish a new Department of Education that is accountable to the mayor to replace the Board of Education.

It is inexcusable that 61 percent of the children in the 28th district are failing the statewide reading and math exams. I will only support an increase in wages for our teachers if that increase is connected directly to the improvement of educational performance in our schools. The problem with allowing the Board of Education to hire the schools chancellor is that everybody in government gets off the hook when the schools fail. It should be the direct responsibility of the mayor to appoint the chancellor.

We must fulfill the city's needs in the midst of the biggest budget challenge in the city's history. We are not going to be able to afford all the things that we currently have. All of us have some tough decisions to make. However, I will not support any cuts that adversely affect the poor and needy, nor will I rule out taxing those with the most resources.

In rebuilding the private sector following September 11, we have ignored the needs of smaller businesses in favor of directing our resources to large corporations. Small businesses are the backbone of New York. They pay our taxes and employ our citizens.

So I have submitted a bill to the Speaker of the City Council that helps small businesses that are suffering in the wake of September 11 negotiate their leases on commercial property so they can stay open. I have also submitted a second bill to ensure that City Council has a strong voice in the redevelopment of Lower Manhattan.

Like many residents of my district, my parents were immigrants, in my case from Jamaica. People often ask me, "Where are you from?" My answer is always, "I am from Earth, how about you?" I will not tolerate discrimination against any New Yorker. I will fight for justice and fair distribution of services for every community.

I will be the watchful hawk over the police department to see that the same fair standard enforcement of the law is applied equally in every neighborhood.

I also propose that the police department eliminates the employment age cap, which excludes the hiring of new officers over the age of 35. Older and more mature police officers may be better capable of dealing with different types of people and less likely to abuse power. There are those who are physically capable of doing the job and also possess the worldly experience and responsibility that comes with age. Furthermore, age limits are discrimination and that needs to stop.

I have also worked to improve the city council by helping to establish the Fresh Democracy Council, a group of 21 bright and articulate council members who have spent many long hours amending the rules and seeking to democratize and energize the council.

The city council must be given the responsibility of reviewing the commissioners and the other mayoral appointees. We must revise the city's power structure to ensure a system of checks and balances. And we must give citizens a louder voice to protest the actions of the city's leaders.

Allan Jennings is City Council Member from District 28 in Queens.

--updated January 14, 2002

Community Boards for District 28
Community Board No. 9
Queens Borough Hall
120-55 Queens Blvd., Rm. 310A, Kew Gardens, NY 11424
(718) 286-2686
Mr. Paul Sapienza, Chair
Ms. Mary Ann Carey, District Manager
Community Board No. 10
115-01 Lefferts Blvd., So. Ozone Park, NY 11420
(718) 843-4488
Ms. Elizabeth Braton, Chair
Ms. Rose Pepe, District Manager
Community Board No. 12
90-28 161st St., Jamaica, NY 11432
(718) 658-3308
Mr. James Davis, Chair
Ms. Yvonne Reddick, District Manager

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Comprehensive Community Plan - Vision for Jamaica Center (Greater Jamaica Development Corporation)

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