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City to Reopen Park Row to Pedestrians and Buses

New Rules for Homeless

City Council Proposes Tax on Rich to Pay for Schools

City Council
Every two weeks the New York City Council meets for what is called the Stated Meeting to introduce and pass legislation. A report on the meeting is posted the next morning.

Stated Meeting Reports:

Child Safety 3/9/05
Defibrillators 2/16/05
Pay-Day Loans 2/02/05
West Side Rezoning 1/19/05
Gun Control 1/05/05
Film Tax Credits 12/15/04
School Nurses 12/07/04
Endangered Species 11/23/04
School Crime 11/14/04
Campaign Finance 10/27/04
IKEA Store 10/13/04
Filtration Plant 9/28/04
Church Parking Zoning 9/09/04
Overdevelopment Measure 8/12/04
Car Alarm Ban 07/21/04
Brooklyn Rezoning 06/28/04
Building Codes 06/07/04
Contract Reform 05/19/04
Equal Benefits Bill 05/05/04
Airport Lease 04/21/04
Budget Modification 03/24/04
Council's Costs 03/10/04
Lead Paint Veto 02/04/04
Lead Paint Law Passed 12/15/03
Rezoning Staten Island 12/03/03
Tish James Sworn In 11/19/03
Absentee Landlord Tax 11/06/03
Landmarking Cathedral 10/24/03
Newsstand Bill 10/15/03
Sports Fan Bill 09/30/03
Accessible Taxi Cabs 11/17/03
Adopt-A-Park 08/19/03
City Hall Shooting 07/23/03
Illegal Awnings 06/25/03
Water Filtration Plant 06/12/03
Budget Negotiations 06/05/03
Sales Tax Increase 05/28/03
Emergency Center 05/14/03
Tax Increases 05/05/03
Park Slope Rezoning 04/30/03
Welfare Education Bill 04/09/03
Environmental Bills 03/26/03
Anti-War Resolution 03/12/03
Contraception Bill 2/26/03
Cell Phone Bill 02/12/03
Good Government Bills 01/29/03

Upcoming Hearings

Citizen Union Foundation publishes Searchlight on the City Council to help New Yorkers stay better informed about how the decisions made at City Hall affect daily life in the city.

The New York City Council is the legislative branch of city government, made up of 51 members elected from 51 districts throughout the five boroughs. Council members are elected every four years and represent approximately 157,000 people. The council's primary roles include oversight of city agencies, review of land use changes, and final approval power over the city's $42 billion annual budget.

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