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Life Returns New York's Industrial Waterways

  • Sailboat in front of Fresh Kills Landfill in Arthur Kill (credit: David Wheeler)
  • EWA Executive Director Robert Spiegel holds a fiddler crab at Carteret restoration site on Arthur Kill
  • Carteret wetlands restoration site on Arthur Kill
  • Fishermen off of Arthur Kill public boat launch in Carteret
  • Egrets are making a return to the harbor (photo by Melanie Worob, EWA)
  • Osprey flying low over the water (photo by Tam Stuart)
  • The black-crowned night-heron -- one of the harbor herons species making a dramatic recovery in the Arthur Kill/New York Harbor. (photo by Melanie Worob, EWA)
  • A rare sighting of a great blue heron (photo by Tam Stuart)

Photographs by David Wheeler, Melanie Worob and Tam Stuart.

Reclaiming New York's Blighted Waters
Arthur Kill, the country's busiest industrial waterway, now offers a home to herons, egrets and turtles. What does this mean for New York's other rivers, creeks and canals?