There are several new sports venues in the works in New York City.

In downtown Brooklyn, developer Bruce Ratner’s basketball arena is the centerpiece of a larger plan to build office towers and residential buildings. The arena will cost an estimated $600 million. While opponents continue to fight the plan, Ratner has already begun demolishing buildings and recently received $33 million in funding as part of a state budget agreement.

In Queens, the Mets will build a new $715 million stadium on the site of a parking lot at the current home of the Mets, Shea Stadium. The city will provide $165 million for infrastructure.

Recently, the New York City Council approved a new stadium for the New York Yankees in the Bronx. Much of the adjacent 22-acres Macomb's Dam and John Mullaly parks will bulldozed and replaced with a series of new parks to make way for the new stadium. While the Yankees will pay for the stadium, the public would pay $200 million for parks, parking garages, and a Metro North train station.

Both the Mets and the Yankees are also seeking tax-exempt bonds from the city to finance their stadiums.

But the largest sports facility now proposed for the city is a NASCAR track on Staten Island that would seat 80,000 people. Although the track would be privately funded and has some innovative features – such as virtually forcing fans to take mass transit to the races – it has attracted widespread opposition among Staten Islanders concerned about its effects on the local economy and on the island’s already horrendous congestion problems.

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