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New York's voting machines are so old that they were already out of date when the first video game, Pong, hit the market over three decades ago. Embark on a tour of New York's broken down voting system with a nostalgic journey thorough Gotham Gazette's versions of ancient video games. September 9, 2004

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Hanging Pong

Introduction to the voting arcade
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Donkey Con (Elephant Evasion)

Battle the Incumbent Protection Racket
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Dig Dug Kellner

Dig up the obstacles and find your polling place
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Political Action Committee Man

Chase the money!
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The gerrymandering game
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Voter Kombat

You vs. the voting machine
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Incumbent Protection Racket (Donkey Con)

Find Your Polling Place (Dig Dug Kellner)

Political Action Committees (PACman)

Gerrymandering (Poli-Tetris)

Voting Machines (Voter Kombat)