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Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Moreland Commission appears to be sending a message to the state legisalture with a just-released statement. 

On August 27, we requested information to be submitted by certain legislators. Leaders of the legislature for both the Assembly and Senate refused to cooperate. The Commission voted today to aggressively move forward in compelling production of information into specific matters that the Commission is investigating. The Commission will continue its mandate of investigating corruption, issuing subpoenas, holding public hearings and will issue our first report on December 1.

Earlier this year the commission sent legislators a request for information regarding their outside income, including information about their clients. Both houses of the legislature refused and Moreland Commisison spokeswoman Michelle Duffy responded by blasting legisaltors. "As the old adage goes, if you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide. 

Since then, the commission has suffered its own problems as reports have surfaced that the Cuomo administration influenced the commission to kill certain subpoenas while looking to leverage the commission for negotiations over new ethics legisaltion with the legislature. The statement also appears to be sending the message that the commisison does not plan to wrap up anytime soon.