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New York Times/Siena College Poll finds that New Yorkers are generally reserving judgement on Mayor Bill de Blasio's overall performance as he approaches 100 days in office, but are mixed when it comes to assessing how he has handled the bevy of issues that his administration has confronted so far. Forty nine percent of those polled approve of the job de Blasio’s is doing as mayor, while 59 percent say the jury is still out on the administration. Sixty nine percent of those surveyed support de Blasio’s proposal to raise taxes on those who make over $500,000 a year to fund citywide prekindergarten (a plan which appears dead, at least for now). Fifty percent of those polled are dissatisfied with de Blasio’s early efforts on income inequality, his signature issue. De Blasio earned high approval ratings on his work to win prekindergarten funding from Albany and his handling of stop and frisk. Meanwhile, a majority of those surveyed said they haven't heard enough of police chief Bill Bratton to form an opinion.

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