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Today is the last scheduled day of session this year for the New York State Legislature and the big news has more to do with what won’t pass than what will. A blame game continues over who or what killed negotiations over sweeping public campaign finance reform. A last-ditch meeting on the issue scheduled for Monday was abruptly cancelled. Both houses of the Legislature seem to be playing a game of chicken on the Women’s Equality Agenda as the abortion plank remains a sticking point. The DREAM act is dead in the water as is an education tax credit, but legislators remain hopeful they can pass a bill legalizing medical marijuana despite resistance from Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Negotiations continue on teacher evaluations and legislation to clear up technical issues in the budget.

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As City Plans Payphone WiFi, Council Members Wary of Monopoly
Kristen Meriwether reports on the process by which the City will award a contract to one company to overhaul the city's 7,000-plus payphone kiosks into wireless internet hubs.

While Improving, City's Air Quality Crisis Quietly Persists
An in-depth report on New York City's air quality and the significant negative health ramifications of polluted city air.

A Free-Market Solution to the Affordable Housing Crisis
In an op-ed, a housing expert offers a five-point solution to create more affordable housing without spending as much city money as the de Blasio plan calls for.

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The Horses of New York City: Central Park Carriages & NYPD Mounted
A comparison of the city's two groups of horses shows that they lead quite similar lives - though there is a major campaign to end the use of only one type.


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The jury hearing the bribery and corruption case against Sen. Malcolm Smith will decide whether to declare a mistrial. Judge Kenneth Karas, the federal judge overseeing the case, decided the jury should determinewhether it can stay the extra weeks it may take to translate 28 hours of secretly recorded conversations from Yiddish, which prosecutors only recently admitted existed. If the jury declares a mistrial, the case will be presented anew, to a new jury. Smith is accused of conspiring to bribe Republican officials to secure their ballot line for New York City mayor in the 2013 election. Former Councilman Dan Halloran and Staten Island Republican Chairman Vincent Tambone are also charged in the case.


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Analysts Dissect De Blasio's Accounting Principles in UFT Deal
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Rep. Charles Rangel has dropped out of the third and final televised debate in the Democratic Primary for the 13th Congressional District, which is scheduled to tape today and air Monday on BronxTalk. “I’m only upset for the people of the Bronx,” said host Gary Axelbank. A spokesman for NY State Senator Adriano Espaillat, Rangel's leading opponent in the congressional race, issued a statement attacking Rangel for being “out of touch” with Bronx residents. Rangel's team pointed out that the last debate in which he participated actually took place in the Bronx at Lehman College. However, that debate did not focus on issues facing the Bronx. In previous debates, Rangel gave a number of quirky performances: during one debate he used a cell phone as a prop to insult his opponents, during another he was caught using Google on his iPad. Meanwhile, as the federal primary date of June 24th nears, scrutiny has increased on Espaillat’s record in Albany, where he has passed only four bills in the Senate from 2011 to 2013 but has been a leader on immigration issues. The primary is June 24.

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Despite Administration Launch, Legislators & Advocates Vow to Move Forward on Open FOIL
Kristen Meriwether reports on the de Blasio administration's launch of a City Hall FOIL tracker, with lawmakers and advocates pointing out its flaws and promising to continue pursuit of a bill to mandate a city-wide Open FOIL system.

New York City Must Care for Seniors
In an op-ed, Council Member Helen Rosenthal and advocate Marilyn Williams warn that the city must prepare for an aging population and do more now to support senior services.

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