Clarence Norman Convicted
September 27th, 2005

Brooklyn Democratic Party leader Clarence Norman was found guilty Tuesday of mishandling campaign contributions. The state assemblyman was been convicted on two felony counts of violating election law by taking excessive campaign donations, and two counts of falsifying business records.

Norman could face up to four years in prison, but much of the initial reaction has focused on who will succeed him as head of the Brooklyn Democratic organization.

Readers of The Politicker throw names like Daryl Towns and Joe Bova into the mix.

Before the verdict, Daily News columinst Errol Louis wrote, “Many local pols probably realize that a conviction would usher in a new age of accountability in Brooklyn politics. For many Kings County Dems, being forced to follow the rules would be like waking up from a ferocious alcoholic binge, full of guilt and remorse and a splitting headache. In other words, the party could be over.”

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