Advice for Paris
November 10th, 2005

After nearly two weeks of riots in the suburbs of Paris, some local commentators are suggesting that the French look to New York City for advice on how to deal with racial and ethnic tensions.

An op-ed in the Wall Street Journal (via argues that Paris must open itself to young immigrants looking for an education. “The Big Apple offers a lesson for France,” writes Joel Kotkin. “An analysis of recent census numbers indicates that immigrants to New York are the biggest contributors to the net growth of educated young people in the city. Without the disproportionate contributions of young European immigrants, New York would have suffered a net outflow of educated people under 35 in the late ’90s.”

In the Daily News, Jason Lim, a Korean-American graduate student at NYU, argues that “successful assimilation” is the duty of immigrant parents, who must teach their children the “nobility of the liberal societies that they were born into, instead of focusing too much on just the visible socioeconomic ills.”

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