Loving New York (In A Hateful Kind Of Way)
December 27th, 2005

New York Magazine’s “123 Reasons To Love New York” pictures a city that offers opportunity and quality and excess and a lot of celebrities, some of whom offer the magazine some quirky reasons to love New York:

Edie Falco (Carmen in The Sopranos) loves New York for its dog runs. Model Christy Turlington loves the noise (“I’d miss sirens if I couldn’t hear them”). Author Erica Jong likes it through process of elimination (” it’s not a company town like L.A., it’s not provincial like Paris, and it’s not snobby like London”). Actor Michael J. Fox loves New Yorkers because they’re so “grumpy.” Self-help author Deepak Chopra seems to like it because it’s so easy to meet (other) celebrities. Actor Matt Dillon’s comments might be the most on-target: “I’m a New Yorker. We don’t talk about the things we love. We complain about the things we’re pissed off about. ”

Gawker, no longer having Radar Magazine to kick around, decided to be playfully hateful about New York Magazine’s silly feature, providing its own 123 reasons. Much of this second list, in its very attempt to be (nasty) insider, shows the gossipy blog’s anxious New York-newcomer status, but some of it (Wonkster hates to admit) is funny:

14. Because you can live in the same place for 10 years and never have to see or meet your neighbors

23. Because the transit strike keeps us from really working.

32. Because it only takes $30 million to launch and burn a magazine. (They couldn’t help one last dig at Radar)

54. Because our pigeons have rabies.

77. Because if you want a cat, you can walk into any deli and just steal one.

98. Because we don’t stand in line, we stand on it.

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