The 9/11 Memorial
March 1st, 2006

More than two years after an expert panel chose the design for the 9/11 memorial — and about two weeks before work is set to begin — opponents of the design are becoming increasingly vocal. The Daily News reports today that the National Trust for Historic Preservation has called for a delay in construction, citing “‘major … adverse effects the memorial will have on the towers’ footprints and access to the solemn site. And on Monday, hundreds of police, firefighters, emergency workers and victim families rallied at Ground Zero to protest the design.

The idea of a below ground memorial (one not seen from street level) doesn’t seem right to many of the family members of the victims since the attacks and the loss of life occurred high above the granite pit that is now all that is left of the World Trade Center, wrote Victor Lana in blogcritics.

Police and firefighters object to the names of their dead being listed with all other victims. In a posting on Take Back the Memorial, firefighters union president Steve Cassidy said the names of the firefighters should appear in a separate space, with each one memorialized as they functioned that day by division, battalion, unit and rank, with their badge number listed with their name. He also calls for a safety review of the underground site.

Liza Sabater in Daily Gotham is more concerned about the problems raising money for the memorial. She writes, What does it say of our government that it won’t pony-up the money for a memorial?…What does it say about the Bush administration that they could care less about what goes on at Ground Zero?

But Chrissy in livejournal questions the need for any monument: Donating money, homes, supplies, and such to the Katrina victims and victims of other horrible events in order to help them live, in the names of the victims of 9/11, would be a better memorial.

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