The 9/11 Memorial
March 13th, 2006

As work begins on the 9/11 memorial, bloggers debate whether the design, “Reflecting Absence” is safe and suitable.

Kate, whose comments appear on Blogger News network has no doubts: The entire thing is so tastefully and sensitively planned, I can’t believe anyone’s upset about it — least of all any of the victims’ families.
Uncooperative Blogger disagrees. Representatives of victims families and of police and firefighters have raised a number of issues, he writes, including the proper listing of the names; putting artifacts like the sphere and tower facades at the street level …; preserving the footprint remnants at bedrock; moving the Memorial Museum aboveground; and the security and safety of visitors to the site. Urging readers to take action, the blogger writes, Time is short; on March 13th construction will begin on this seriously flawed Memorial. America deserves more.

The issue of victim families concerns Either End of the Curve. Citing an MSNBC report that victim families want to maintain the site as sacred ground, the writer says, I’m blogging about this for one reason only: to call attention to the fact that, once again, the way in which the media writes about the families of 9/11 victims completely obscures the fact that they’re not a monolithic block. Nowhere, the the blog continues do you glean any hint that there’s a diversity of opinion among 9/11 families over the memorial.

And whatever the controversy about the memorial itself,
Suitably Flip
says it makes sense that there is no ceremony to mark the start of work on it. After all,the blogger writes, There have been so many false starts and retracements at Ground Zero that few people would have been likely to jump on board with any kind of ribbon cutting or ceremonial to-do.”

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