The "A" Word
March 29th, 2006

To say that the immigration reform bill, passed by Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, is an amnesty is like taking [a cow] into the woods in hunting season, paint the word deer on it and stand back, writes the New York Times Editorial.

The bill provides the path for undocumented immigrants to leave or stay in the country legally. But it would take 11 years, a clean record, a steady job, payment of a $2,000 fine and back taxes, and knowledge of English and civics for an immigrant to become a US citizen. That’s not amnesty,said the Times.

Michael Goodwins of the Daily News, meanwhile, pointed out the shocking truth that no one in Washington has a plan to stop the flow of people coming into country illegally.

The biggest illusion, he said, is that America must somehow first legalize the 11 million-plus illegals here before closing the borders. Right, let’s clean up the water on the floor before we plug the leaky pipe.

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One Response to “The "A" Word”

  1. Luis O. Reyes, Ph.D. Says:
    March 30th, 2006 at 5:14 pm

    On immigration reform, you need to get a broader perspective beyond that of the NY Times editorial and an Op ed by Daily News columnist, Michael Goodwin. Try the “ethnic” press. You’ll get an eyeful and an earful. And, maybe, we will all be better educated on the issue as opposed to being supported in our biases and assumptions. Open up the conversation and the participants in the debate!

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