Sun To Senators: Keep NYC An Immigrant City
April 3rd, 2006

An editorial in the New York Sun urges both of the U.S. Senators from New York, Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton, to help prevent the watering down of the immigration bill passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The current bill would strengthen the Border Patrol while also expanding legal immigration and offering new opportunities for those in the United States illegally to change their status. The Sun fears efforts to push for a bill that only cracks down on illegal immigration. “New York is too dependent on immigration to countenance anti-immigrant measures masquerading as reforms,” says the editorial, which is entitled “Immigrant City” and recounts at some length the importance of immigrants to New York City, both past (the editorial lists 22 illustrious immigrants to the city, from Alexander Hamilton to Dr. Ruth Westheimer) and present (“without immigrants, New York would be home to 2.9 million fewer people “ and thus be less healthy economically.)

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