Unimpressed With Bush on Immigration
May 17th, 2006

Both El Diario and the Daily News have opinion pieces on President Bush’s recent speech on immigration, and neither one seems very impressed:

An El Diario editorial (in English and Spanish) criticizes the president’s lack of consistency: “He used contradictory language, praising most undocumented immigrants as hard workers and law abiding people while at the same time saying illegal immigration ‘brings crime to our communities.'” The newspaper was also disappointed that he didn’t address the need to fix a system that forces immigrants to wait years and pay large sums of money before their families can legally join them here.

Michael Goodwin of the Daily News, meanwhile, writes that Bush’s speech is not likely to be taken seriously because he has little credibility on the immigration issue. Goodwin thinks Bush’s first step must be tougher enforcement of immigration violations. He describes the president’s plan to secure the border with the National Guard as “a system that would be expensive, logistically difficult and probably not very effective”, and says Bush is offering the possibility of tougher enforcement in front of immigration opponents as a trade for his guest worker program and a path to legal citizenship for some undocumented immigrants.

“He doesn’t deserve that deal,” writes Goodwin, “and won’t get it, because the National Guard idea is half-baked and because of his track record. It’s a record of all talk and no action on immigration.”

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One Response to “Unimpressed With Bush on Immigration”

  1. Elana Says:
    May 17th, 2006 at 4:05 pm

    You can read DMI’s response to the speech here:

    and comment on the blog on it here

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