Cell Phones on Hold
June 29th, 2006

The school year has come to a close but not before another volley in this years hot controversy: whether to allow students to bring their cell phones to school. The Association of New York City Education Councils, which opposes the Department of Educations cell phone ban, announced the winners of a contest inviting students to come up with their plan to both let the kids keep their cell phones and address the administrations concerns about improper use of the devices in school. All the winners (and the lions share of entries) were from Stuyvesant High School. While Alex Newman proposed a variety of penalties if a student uses the phone in school and Abigail Schaeffer envisioned a special storage facility for the phones, Nathan Bixler won the Out of the Box award for an elaborate scheme he likened to a Faraday Cage that would render the phones useless inside schools buildings.

Tune in in September to see if the administration adopts any of these schemes, if it continues to enforce the ban or if, as some predict, the whole thing fades quietly away.

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