Food Fight
September 27th, 2006

The Suns editorial writers must like their French fries and the more trans fat the better. Reacting to the Board of Healths plan to sharply restrict the serving of food with trans fat in city restaurants, the paper reminds the mayor, “some people like a good French fry and deserve to be able to buy them in restaurants that want to serve them.”

On the other hand, Cityboy writes on From the Mountains to the Flatlands, “NYC is getting tired of seeing its citizens lining up in the emergency room because they eat crap for food. Suspect the rest of the country should get on the bandwagon.”

Even some restaurant owners support the almost ban. Mark Maynard-Parisi of Blue Smoke, a barbecue restaurant, told the Times the plan is “wonderful.” But Naidre Miller who owns two Brooklyn restaurants, both named Naidres, said that, while she would comply with the rule, “Its a draconian measure. Its not our job as restaurant owners to always make the healthiest food choices under all circumstances.”

In the Daily Politics, Ben Smith sees the move as another indication that Bloomberg wants to have a major impact on public health. “His public safety policies are a continuation of Rudy’s, his poverty commission was kind of a Clintonian set of mini-initiatives, and his administration in general is guided by a fairly standard, if unusually independent, big-city ideology,” Smith writes, “But he’s really out front on public health, and has given [health commission Thomas] Frieden — a visionary or a zealot, depending on whom you ask, but certainly a serious player — an unusually free hand to do politically risky, cutting-edge things.”

Not all of Smiths readers think this is a good thing. The latest move, writes GregNYC makes [Bloomberg] look like the love child of Stalin and Bill.” And Anonymous reminds Smith that Bloomberg seems more concerned about some aspects of public health than others: “Out front on public health? Are you crazy? . You’ve got untold thousands of residents of Lower Manhattan and 80,000 rescue workers from the Pile who are sick and have trouble breathing and the Mayor won’t acknowledge them for five years and actually spends $20 million on city lawyers to fight them:

But many New Yorkers may share Geoffs ambivalence. Writing in Sparkgrass Community, he says, “The physician in me applauds this potential move, the French fry lover in me is a bit more cautious.”

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  1. Gotham Gazette - The Wonkster » Blog Archive » Weighing In On Fat Says:
    September 30th, 2006 at 11:51 am

    […] There has been much comment already on City Halls effort to curb the use of trans fat in New Yorks restaurants. (See Food Fight). An editorial in the New York Times points out that Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden, asked city restaurants to voluntarily stop using artificial trans fatty acids a year ago. Many ignored him. So now he is following the lead of Chicago, and proposing to ban them outright (or, more precisely, require the citys more than 20,000 restaurants to phase out trans fats from their kitchens over 18 months. ) […]

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