Can We Say It Ain’t So? And Other Questions About Brian McLaughlin's Alleged Corruption
October 19th, 2006

Accompanying the shock and amazement over the alleged corruption of Assemblymember Brian McLaughlin (The Queens King of Corruption? ) are a lot of questions:

“Whenever we read a story like this indictment, we ask ourselves several questions,” Henry Stern writes in NYCivic. “How many more people like this are there with important jobs in labor, business, law or politics that just have not yet been uncovered for the thieves they are?…[T]he variety of illegal acts committed here was so wide that many people must have known of them, and why didn’t anybody speak up about them? If someone did drop a dime, how long had the crimes gone on before whosoever they may be came to the authorities?”

The Chalkboard, a blog of the New York Charter Schools Association, has a post that asks “Was McLaughlin Framed?” written by Joe W: “I have trouble believing that someone who sends out little league fundraising letters with the tag ‘A child in sports stays out of the courts,’ could then turn around and (allegedly) use that money to pay for the rent on his Albany apartment…. Or that Assemblyman and labor big shot Brian McLaughlin, the face of the working men and women of New York, would use union dues money and kickbacks from contractors (again, allegedly) to pay for his Long Island mansion, country club initiation fees, his wife’s $80,000 Mercedes, his kids’ wedding rehearsal dinner, and lavish gifts for three women…. Forcing union members to skim the profits (allegedly) off scrap metal sales and sending them to McLaughlin? Preposterous.”

Blogger Forlorn Apple asked whether Brian McLaughlin’s indictment would mean that the Assembly seat he is giving up “could become a hot contest.” But this is not going to happen. Why? “The Republican candidate”, Morshed Alam, is a Democrat, founder for example of the New Americans Democratic Club. “This is a shame since the Republican party in NY has a great story to tell on taxes, education, housing, security, and especially government reform in Albany.”

Local 3 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers – McLaughlin used to be an electrician — has an interesting and lively message board:
“We the members of local 3 demand an explanation of some of the Brian McClaughlin affair,” one electrician writes. “How did he allegedly receive a bribe and allow a Staten Island street lighting contract to be done with non union labor? I am sure if this is true there must be others involved in this…”

“It doesn’t even matter if he wins in court; the perception is what counts,” another writes. “Everyone in the local has egg and a lot more all over their faces.”

”Why would we….the membership have egg on our faces?” a third replies. “ We are the victims here not the co-conspirators.”

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2 Responses to “Can We Say It Ain’t So? And Other Questions About Brian McLaughlin's Alleged Corruption”

  1. Martin Shephard Says:
    October 21st, 2006 at 12:36 pm

    Brian has always been a thief! They haven’t even mentioned how many people he shook down to give apartments in Electchester. He is known to have taken money to move people up on the list for apartments.

    How many gu ys he sent out on Union Details so he can have affairs with their wives!

  2. Mike Says:
    November 20th, 2006 at 5:20 pm

    The Local 3 website you mention is not an official Local 3 website. The people who post there don’t even have to be electricians. Please consider the source when quoting.

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