So, What Else Is Going On? (Cell Phones In the Subway)
November 9th, 2006

Two days after the election and the topics for discussion seem to be exhausted. The Democrats have taken the Senate and the House — we won’t have to wait through a recount. Plus, by now everyone has noted that Charlie Rangel is going to be really powerful, and made their predictions about whether or not Eliot Spitzer will be able to change Albany and when Hillary Clinton will announce that she’s running for president.

So it seems time to move on and talk about things that will really affect the lives of New Yorkers — like what would happen if people were able to use their cell phones on the subway. To read the Gothamist post about the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s plan to award a contract to a company that can make this possible, the result would be widespread violence.

One reader worries that wiring the stations will make it easier for terrorists to blow up the city using cell phone triggered bombs, but this isn’t the kind of mayhem most people consider likely. One commenter quotes the Onion: “If they lift the ban on cell-phone use, they better lift the ban on passengers beating the s— out of each other, too.” The next one threatens to “kill about a thousand people during my commute the first day this goes into effect.”

Gothamist itself, however, doesn’t see any of this happening too soon. This is, after all, a plan being carried out by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority:

“We bet by the time the MTA is ready to award the job, cellphones will be passe and people will communicate via ESP.”

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