Goodbye Hevesi,
Hello _______

December 22nd, 2006

The Alan Hevesi saga seems to be nearing its end, and the attention is turning to the question of who will replace him.

The Politicker, the Daily Politics and their readers speculate on who the successor will be.

The New York Times says that the names now being floated are “mostly dismaying,” in an editorial that reads like a classified ad. The paper is seeking a comptroller who is “an expert in money management [and a] scrupulously honest manager who can oversee contracts and financial books of state entities large and small,” and who won’t take campaign contributions from businesses with state contracts.

The Sun agrees that Hevesi’s behavior concerning contributions — not Chauffeurgate — is the “real scandal.”

“The vending-machine government in Albany concerns interest groups putting up money in the form of campaign contributions and getting money out in the form of government contracts or other allocations,” it writes in an editorial. “Mr. Hevesi is hardly the only offender.”

The Sun argues that Hevesi’s resignation deal undermines voters’ decision to elect him despite his crimes — especially since Albany’s worst offenders will decide who replaces him.

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Hello _______

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