Reactions to Spitzer's State of the State
January 4th, 2007

Daily News Editorial: Spitzer’s ideas for Albany reform are “overwhelmingly matters of common sense that would shake the place to its very foundations … Start the revolution.”

Post Editorial
: “Lawmakers in Albany applauded yesterday as Gov. Spitzer told them the party’s over – their party, that is. Odd behavior, frankly. Do the legislators know something Spitzer doesn’t?”

: “Watching the bizarre scene of the legislature and outgoing administration cheering the new governor as he talked about the failure of leadership lo these last years in Albany, New Yorkers could be left in little doubt that their new governor is going to have to stand on principles and the right ones or lose the fight he’s started.”

Albany Times Union Editorial
: “On Day One of his administration, Governor Spitzer had a message for all New Yorkers: Reform is on the way. On Day 3, he had a message for upstate: Help is on the way.”

John Faso, Spitzer’s opponent (NY Sun)
: “While Mr. Spitzer recited a laundry list of proposals, he has yet to offer details. In fairness it may be early to expect a detailed agenda since the new administration has barely staffed the executive branch. But, the realities of the state’s fiscal position will soon become apparent, and the governor will have to set priorities.”

E.J. McMahon (NY Post)
: At the beginning of his speech, Spitzer offered “the kind of fiscal straight talk legislators needed to hear – and not a moment too soon. But at other points in the same speech – and to generally louder applause from his audience – Spitzer called for significantly higher state spending in several areas.”

Bill Hammond (Daily News): “What you saw and heard from Spitzer leading up to Nov. 7 is what you got Jan. 3. He ran as a pragmatic centrist a few millimeters to the left of Gov. George Pataki, and he shows every sign of governing the same way … Expect a belligerent brand of moderate.”

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