Randalls Island -- A Public Park For Private Schools?
January 22nd, 2007

An editorial in
the New York Times explains the pending deal with Randalls Island exclusive use of two-thirds of the 480-acre public park by 20 of Manhattans wealthiest private schools for 20 years, in exchange for some $80 million in upgrades. The Times thinks there should be a greater proportion of the park opened to the public, and agrees with the suggestion that there be better public transportation to the island.

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One Response to “Randalls Island -- A Public Park For Private Schools?”

  1. Patrick Says:
    January 22nd, 2007 at 12:03 pm

    Nice to see this mentioned here despite the fact that the architect of this deal, Randalls Island Sports Foundation Chairman Richard Davis, is the Chairman of the Citizens Union, parent of Gotham Gazette. It is disappoining to see the chairman of a good government group behind something widely perceived as bad government. Perhaps the censure of the NY Times will bring about a more equitable solution that adheres to good government principles. The City Council has scheduled an oversight hearing for January 31st.

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