$ From Health System --> $ For Education System = Good Idea
February 3rd, 2007

Editorials in both the Daily Newsand the New York Times approve (with caveats) Governor Eliot Spitzers plan to reform the medical system in New York, slowing down the rate of growth, in order to free up money to beef up the schools.

The Daily News: The $120.6 billion budget he proposed this week was an assault on Albany’s misplaced priorities. Schools in places that need help most, such as the city, would go to the top of the list, while hospitals and nursing homes accustomed to consuming ever more money would get smaller increases in funding

The Times: The heart of the governors plan is to drive New Yorks health care system, now heavily reliant on high-cost care in hospitals and nursing homes, toward greater use of outpatient clinics, home care and primary care in the community. Virtually all health experts agree that is the way to go

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