Winning by Losing in Comptroller Spat
February 7th, 2007

In a political setback for Governor Eliot Spitzer, it looks like Assemblymember Tom DiNapoli from Long Island could be selected as state comptroller by the end of the day over the governor’s objections.

But Spitzer may win by losing, said two former officials at a forum on city-state relations at Baruch College this morning, since Spitzer seems to be taking a principled stand against the cronyism of the legislature.

“This is a setback for him, but in some ways this is a victory because public opinion is clearly on his side,” said former State Comptroller Carl McCall, who was involved in selecting the three candidates that the assembly seems poised to reject.

Former US Senator Al D’Amato agrees, saying that Spitzer will not be diminished for making a public stand that is perceived as one of the first steps in an ongoing battle to reform Albany.

“He’s still the 800 pound gorilla. He has the power, he has the clout,” said D’Amato. “This is one little episode; it comes early on. There are going to be much bigger fights.”

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