News: We Were Wrong About Ground Zero Hero
February 15th, 2007

In the wake of a New York Times report undermining the prevailing account of the death of Cesar Borja, the News and the Post disagree about whether he was killed by exposure to toxic fumes at Ground Zero.

The News, which first reported the story that Borja died of lung disease after working at Ground Zero, admitted that there was “a flaw” in its account. Its stories reported that Borja “rushed to Ground Zero” immediately after the attack, where he “labored in pulverized concrete, glass and smoke.” That reporting was not backed up by facts, the News now says, although it adds that “there is no question that Borja’s recorded service — from Dec 24, 2001, to April 28, 2002 — placed him well within the zone of exposure.”

But the Post runs a second day of its editorial attack on the News’ credibility, and the the “scare science” behind the claims that 9/11 has caused lasting health problems.

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