Why Ban the "N-Word"?
March 1st, 2007

On the last day of Black History Month, the City Council unanimously passed a resolution calling for a moratorium on the “N-Word”.

Stanley Crouch of the Daily News writes that the word’s popularity is part of a trend towards criminality as “authentic” blackness, which has been pushed by profit-seeking record companies, and unchallenged by African Americans who found it offensive.

Comrie’s resolution, he writes, is evidence of a growing backlash against the rejection of middle-class values.

“These people will not shut up because they fear being called middle class or being accused of hating themselves of wanting to be white. They are not impressed by arrest records of the rappers and are too sophisticated to believe that civilized behavior is somehow the exclusive province of white people.”

John McWhorter of the Manhattan Institute says that black people who use the word are voicing a “certain intraracial inferiority complex”. But he hardly sees it as the most pressing issue of the day.

“We have to pick our battles and this one is a distinctly unpromising choice,” he writes in the Sun. “The N-word is now stamped into the heart, and people making earnest pronouncements about its ‘implications’ cannot touch that.”

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One Response to “Why Ban the "N-Word"?”

  1. Isis Says:
    April 25th, 2007 at 1:39 pm

    I understand where all u guys r comin from but its just one thing im unsure of… y ban somthing thats cut out of… as in for the rappers, whats hip hop gunna b like now that they cant use it… its gunna feel different to them and its way too late… but us usin the n word makes us feel a whole lot better and shows us black people that we r still strong… its nothin wrong with sayin the n word.. i have plenty of friends from all types of races that says the n word out of respect but not in a disrespectful way.. so hey we dont mind… the only time its a problem is when ur being disrespected like it depends on how its sed… u kno… but hey its way too lat3….

    1 more thing…. What happened to the whole freedom of speech thing… i thought that rule was passed along time ago back when Mr.Zenger helped pass that law…

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