Frieden and the Rats
March 2nd, 2007

“How many of you folks were affected by the big stock market plunge yesterday?” David Letterman asked after the market plunged 400 points. Big corporations were really, really affected by it. As a matter of fact, Taco Bell had to lay off 300 rats.”

Not so funny, says todays Post, which may have a point. It’s not the quality of humor that troubles the paper’s editorial writers but the quality of the citys health department. While the rats were running wild, city health commissioner Tom Frieden has been hard at work redefining what constitutes public health – think Nanny State on steroids,” write the Post, “unveiling New York City-brand condoms, lecturing new mothers on breastfeeding and warning of the danger secondhand smoke poses to pets.

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2 Responses to “Frieden and the Rats”

  1. Carolyn Meinhardt Says:
    March 2nd, 2007 at 5:41 pm

    New York needs the Pied Piper. We are a registered vendor and have written and called the mayor, Rick Simeone (pest control director), Mr. Robert Corrigan, Dr. Frieden
    numerous time, sent overnight many pieces of information about our product with no response. Mr. Simeone did recently tell us that NY does not have the $ in the budget and that EPA was taking care of the rodent problem!!! 2 healthy rats reproduce more than 3.5 million rats in three years. Can New York City (or any other city) afford not to budget this effort for the safety of their citizens, especially little children and the elderly being victims of this pestilence?

  2. Gotham Gazette - The Wonkster » Blog Archive » After The Rats: Overreaction? Says:
    March 6th, 2007 at 8:23 am

    […] Following up on its previous editorial that mocked and criticized Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden, the New York Post, in a new editorial entitled Friedens Follies, argues that the health department is shutting down restaurants left and right (though it just mentions Johns Pizzeria in the Village) as reaction to the endlessly repeated video of rats at the Village Taco Bell, which were discovered right after that restaurant got the O.K. from one of the departments inspectors. Fact is, there isn’t a restaurant in New York City – hell, in the world – that could stand up to a rule-book inspection conducted by someone with an embarrassed and angry boss. Compiled by Jonathan Mandell […]

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