After The Rats: Overreaction?
March 6th, 2007

Following up on its previous editorial that
mocked and criticized Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden
, the New York Post, in a new editorial entitled Friedens Follies, argues that the health department is shutting down restaurants left and right (though it just mentions Johns Pizzeria in the Village) as reaction to the endlessly repeated video of rats at the Village Taco Bell, which were discovered right after that restaurant got the O.K. from one of the departments inspectors. Fact is, there isn’t a restaurant in New York City – hell, in the world – that could stand up to a rule-book inspection conducted by someone with an embarrassed and angry boss.

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One Response to “After The Rats: Overreaction?”

  1. Carolyn Meinhardt Says:
    March 7th, 2007 at 12:08 pm

    New York City needs “the Pied Piper”. We have a multi-catch rodent control system that is environmentally safe, effective and user friendly. No exposed, diseased dead rats! They are captured and contained. It can contain multiple rats under lock and key for easy and safe disposal. New York City says they cannot budget such an item. They cannot afford NOT to. Citations to landlords do not work. They need our PIED PIPER RODENT CONTROL SYSTEM!!! Maybe someone needs to stir up city hall!

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