Editorialists Target Teachers Unions
March 6th, 2007

An editorial in the New York Sun attacks the New York State United Teachers for its ad campaign against charter schools: It looks like Governor Spitzer’s next big fight is going to be with the teachers union known as New York State United Teachersthis newspaper is firmly in the governor’s corner The very fact that [teachers] feel threatened by the percentage of students who might end up in charter schools is in and of itself a sign that they have been failing in their monopoly, union-controlled operations, and a recognition that more charter schools would only increase accountability.

Daily News columnist Bill Hammond also criticizes the ad campaign, giving it an A for chutzpah and an F for accuracy.

An editorial in the Daily News attacks the United Federation of Teachers, and especially its president Randi Weingarten (a terrific propagandist), for its vocal, visible campaign that casts Bloomberg’s reforms as the work of inept bureaucrats. The editorial, by contrast, approves of such proposals as putting an end to automatic teacher tenure. It especially praises the new computer system, Achievement Reporting and Innovation System, or ARIS, which when its implemented in the fall should let teachers view, with a mouse click, whether students are learning under their tutelage. Principals should be able to do the same for entire classes. And the chancellor should be able to measure the success of whole schools.

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