Too New York?
March 8th, 2007

The Times runs a piece today questioning whether Rudy Giuliani is too New York to be president, saying that the rest of the country won’t want someone who seems to be the prototype of the rude, brash New Yorker of middle America’s imagination.

Gotham Gazette recently looked at why New Yorkers haven’t done well in national politics in recent years, and why a New Yorker as president no longer seems so far off.

But Matt Browner Hamlin says New York isn’t the issue here — Giuliani is.

The Times piece “provides cover for Giulianis negative character traits by unfairly extending them to the entire city,” argues Browner Hamlin on The Right’s Field, a blog about the 2008 Republican primary:

Dont let Giuliani hide behind New York and stereotypes of New Yorkers for his character flaws.”

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