A New York Tragedy, A Mayor's Absence
March 9th, 2007

Both the Daily News and the New York Post publish editorials today lamenting the loss of nine lives in a fire in a building in the Bronx.

The New York Post adds a second editorial criticizing Bloomberg for traveling to Miami instead of visiting the fire scene or meeting with survivors:
“Time and again over the last five-plus years, Bloomberg has demonstrated an appalling inability to connect with the people of New York in times of crisis.. Last month, it was his refusal to lift alternate side of the street parking after a brutal ice storm. Whether it was last summer’s Con Ed power outage, the Staten Island Ferry tragedy – or even last month’s school-bus fiasco – Mike has come across as aloof and arrogant. Indeed, it took Bloomberg nearly six weeks after taking office to attend his first 9/11 funeral. Yesterday, he jetted off to Miami, leaving an exemplary family to cope with grievous loss all alone. New York noticed. “

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One Response to “A New York Tragedy, A Mayor's Absence”

  1. brian r hickman Says:
    March 11th, 2007 at 7:36 pm

    i find that rather amazing, talking about not giving two craps. but, look at society. he is the epitome. ask yourself, why did he get elected? we, the people, have the god given right to elect whom we chose. the problem is most new yorkers have tunnel vision. also, its like the time you spend on any one subject, is way too frigging long. take your time when your “in the booth”. do your homework. yeah, we adults, are always barking at our children to do there’s. so, when election time comes, do what you must to not elect “Mr wrong for your city”.

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