Wanted: One More Miracle
March 16th, 2007

Moving away from the controversy over who gets to march where in tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, David Garrard Lowe in the Sun looks at another mainstay of the Irish in New York: St. Brigid’s Church in the East Village. Built to serve the city’s growing Irish community in the middle of the 19th century, the church’s “tall twin spires were a political as well as a religious proclamation” for parishioners from a country where “Roman Catholic churches, if allowed at all, had to be inconspicuous,” Lowe writes. Those spires were demolished in the 1960s, and now Cardinal Egan plans to raze the entire building.

“How ironic that a church built to express the jubilant survival of a faith suppressed in Ireland should, in America, be swept away by the Catholic Church,” Lowe says. In the fifth century, St. Brigid, founder of Ireland’s first religious community for women, performed miracles. Now it will take a 21st century version of a miracle to save the church Lowe calls a “monument of Irish faith and pluck.”

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