New York and Federal Spring Flings
April 12th, 2007

Conservative federal leaders and progressive New York politicians are uniting on issues.

Governor Spitzer blocked the deal to allow Clipper Equity to buy the Starrett City apartment complex and raise the rents on 6,000 units. The Bush administration applauded the intervention. Appearing with several New York elected officials, President Bush’s housing secretary Alphonso Jackson stated that instituting market rents, would be the worst kind of theft to steal all of this from them. The President and the Governor are united on maintaining affordable housing, and the New York Sun sums up its dissent by calling the proposed sale of Starrett City, “something to embrace as a sign of the city’s vitality and success.”

Former house speaker Newt Gingrich voiced his urge to advance radical environmental policy change this week. He publicly denied the global warming problem just 18 months before. To reduce harmful greenhouse gases, Gingrich supports a market-based approach instead of more regulation. His book Contract with the Earth which is due out this fall should explain his full strategy.

The New York Sun also reports that Bloomberg is considering both stricter rules and tax incentives to address the citys pollution problem. He released a survey of New York City carbon emissions and seeks to reduce them 30 percent by 2030. Because the city cannot enact energy policy changes independently of the state government, Bloomberg will likely also focus on a market-based approach. Further details of policy changes will be announced in the coming weeks and perhaps environmentalist Gingrich will make an appearance at Bloombergs Earth Day press conference.

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