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May 2nd, 2007

With no overriding local story today, the papers all find different things to editorialize about.

The News uses the arrest of Jack Rhodes in the beatings of two elderly women to attack plea-bargaining. According to the paper, Rhodes was incarcerated no fewer than 14 times since 1990 on charges including burglary, menacing, assaulting a cop and drug possession and received sentences ranging from three days to 2-1/2 years. That’s not just a revolving door, it’s a portal thrown open wide that lets repeat offenders plea-bargain serious charges down to nothing, the paper says, calling for long prison sentences for people convicted of three or more misdemeanors.

Turning its attention to Albany, the Post praises the Republican leader of the Assembly, James Tedesco, for his plan to introduce a bill that would the assembling of packages of campaign contributions from a number of individuals — a practice known as “bundling.” Pointing out the Governor Eliot Spitzer is encouraging bundlers to raise $25,000 to $1 million for his re-election campaign, the Post says, Tedescos bill is certainly far more in line with the governor’s campaign promise to fix the way business is done in Albany than is Spitzer himself.

Also at the state level, Newsday weighs in on behalf of a pay hike for the states judges, who have had only one increase in 19 years. The problem for judges – who’ve had only one raise in 19 years – is that legislators linked judicial pay hikes to increases for themselves, unconscionably holding judges hostage in an effort to fatten their own paychecks.: For more on judges pay see Judges Stagnant Salaries by Emily Jane Goodman in Gotham Gazette.

And The Times mourns the closing of the Claremont Stables in Central Park, wistfully wondering whether the city wasnt more human still when we shared so much more of it with horses.

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