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June 14th, 2007

The Post throws some cold water on the celebration surrounding the citys 2008 budget. While City Hall is awash in money now, the paper says, The city’s fiscal house remains structurally unsound with $10 billion in budget gaps, a possible economic downturn and maybe even tax hikes looming on the horizon. In light of all that, the Post wonders, Why must pols live on the edge – spending to the max in good times and hiking taxes (heaven forefend they should trim spending) when the next crisis rolls in?

It takes the Daily News not one but two editorials today to continue its unwavering defense of the police department. In the first, the paper justifies the arrest of 208 people, suspected of being gang members, at Sundays Puerto Rican Day parade. While some people may have been swept up by mistake, the paper says, “there is no evidence police engaged in mass, indiscriminate arrests – even if some New Yorkers stand ready to jump to that conclusion at every groundless accusation.

The other involves another mass arrest this one the May roundup of 32 teenagers on their way to the wake for a reputed gang leader. While the teens have maintained they were peaceful Brooklyn district attorney Charles Hynes disagrees.

And education professor Diane Ravitch steps up to defend a maligned minority: public school teachers. Praising the teachers she knows for being hardworking, earnest and deeply committed to their students, Ravitch writes in the Sun, We will continue to misdiagnose our educational needs until we focus on the role of students and their families. If they don’t give a hoot about education, if the students are unwilling to pay attention in class and do their homework after school, if they arrive in school with a closed and empty mind, don’t blame their teachers.

Also focusing on education, El Diario/La Prensa hails the progress made in education for Hispanics under schools chancellor Joel Klein. But despite that, it says, an abysmal gap remains between students who are proficient in English and those learning the language.

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