Steam City
July 19th, 2007

The citys steam system is unknown to most New Yorkers until an event like yesterday evenings dramatic and dangerous explosion in Midtown. But some 30 billion pounds of steam flow beneath Manhattan streets every year, heating and cooling some of the citys best-known buildings. For more on New Yorks steam system, see Gotham Gazettes Steam.

The rupture in the 83-year-old steam pipe and the resulting, death, injuries and destruction focuses attention once again on the citys aging infrastructure. Some of the equipment whose failure may have contributed to last summers blackout in Queens was more than 70 years old; a fire in a subway signal room in 2005 dramatized problems with the Metropolitan Transit Authoritys antiquated equipment. For more on the problems facing New Yorks old electric, power, water, sewer and transit systems, see Gotham Gazettes The Aging City.

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