Eliot Mess – Day 2
July 25th, 2007

More than 36 hours after the release of Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s report on the Spitzer administration’s use of false stories and the state police to tarnish Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, the story remain so big that, as Hub Blog put it “not even luscious lush Lindsay Lohan can knock [it] completely off the NY Post’s front page.”

Much of the commentary today revolves around whether the governor knew what two top aides were up to, and many commentators are not buying Spitzer’s protestations of innocence.

Comparing the governor to “the television evangelist who ends up with his pants around his ankles,” Mike Lupica in the Daily News writes, “Spitzer knows everything and if you don’t believe that, ask him. Only we’re supposed to believe that his top lieutenant, Darren Dopp, was the pointman for an operation that basically used the state police as a political spy force, and that he, Spitzer the governor, knew nothing about it.”

“Let me be blunt,” writes another News columnist, Michael Goodwin. “I believe Eliot Spitzer not only knew about the scheme, I believe he approved it and maybe even ordered it.”

Even if Spitzer was not informed of exactly what was going on, says the Observer, the episode reveals unpleasant truths about the governor: “The fact remains that officials whom Mr. Spitzer esteemed high enough to place within his inner circle proceeded to operate without the slightest regard for virtue or common decency.” And in a news analysis in the Times, Michael Cooper sees Troopergate or Spitzergate (sorry, Travelgate is taken) as emblematic of the Spitzer style. He writes, “That us-versus-them mentality has been a hallmark of the Spitzer administration, which used its mandate to change state government to engage quickly in a series of well-publicized fights with lawmakers in both parties, Albany lobbyists, the state’s powerful health care industry, and most bitterly with Joseph L. Bruno.”

So who loses? We do, writes Gawker sounding an uncustomary sober note. “Whatever you think about Spitzer, his main ambition was to scrape away at the calcification that makes ‘the most dysfunctional legislature in the nation’ an easy-to-use cliché for Albany. Now that Bruno can claim victimhood, you can expect more of the same out of Albany. …We’re right back where we were two years ago, with three men in a room cutting deals that do nothing for the health of the state.”

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