A Week of Scandal
July 27th, 2007

If Eliot Spitzer thought the furor over his aides efforts to spread damaging stories about Joe Bruno were about to go away, todays editorial pages will disabuse him of those hopes.

The peg today is that the Ethics Commission, which has subpoena power, will review the case. Thats good news, says the News, and now the panel must follow through by demanding an accounting from Spitzers chief of staff Richard Baum and suspended communications director Darren Dopp, both of whom did not answer questions from Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. Baum and Dopp must now step forward and answer the unanswered questions – including, What did the governor know and when did he know it? — under oath, the editorial says.

The Post, noting Spitzer appointed the members of the ethics panel, is more skeptical. While the commission helped drive former Comptroller Alan Hevesi from office, the paper says, Over the years the panel stood motionless as Albany degenerated into a moral and ethical cesspool. If the ethic commission wants to redeem itself with this investigation, the editorial advises it to conduct every one of its actions in the full light of day.it belongs on the Internet – live.

Whatever happens, the scandal cannot be allowed to fester, writes Newsday: The state police caper must not be allowed to derail agreements on campaign finance reform (as minimal as it is), capital improvements or a slew of other business that still needs to be done in Albany.

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