Gallagher Gets Booted From Committees, Leadership
August 6th, 2007

Councilman Dennis Gallagher, who was charged with rape on Friday, did not make an appearance at the City Council’s stated meeting this morning, even though he was the topic of choice at a rules committee meeting before and a ethics committee meeting after. His empty chair, which is next to the Minority Leader James Oddo, is pictured here.

Gallagher was stripped of his position as minority whip and temporarily removed from his positions on the following committees: finance, aging, youth services, housing and buildings, parks and recreation and sanitation and waste management. The council voted to approve the removals 37 to 0.

Prior to the full meeting, Speaker Christine Quinn said she had requested Gallagher step down from his leadership position, which includes a $5,000 bonus, and from his committee positions temporarily. She reiterated that council was “deeply troubled” by the allegations.

Gallagher has repeatedly denied the charges and reportedly plans to remain on council.

The council’s Committee on Standards and Ethics met this afternoon in closed session to discuss further action. In the past the committee has voted to censure council members, but its action this morning remained unclear.

The council is expected to release more information from the closed meeting, where testimony was unlikely, later today. So, stay tuned.

Oddo had no comment on the events of the day.

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