All Hail Google
August 29th, 2007

Will James, who makes digital maps for his blog, onNYTurf, is attempting to make a new transit map that would include the operating times for subways. With it, readers could map out a trip on the subway that would include the time it would take to get from point A, to point B. But he cannot get any of the transit agencies he has contacted to give him the data. He has sent Freedom of Information Requests to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, as well as to the relevant agencies within it, such as New York City Transit, but is not getting much help.

While he has gotten some data from Long Island Bus and Metro-North, the transportation authority has told him that what he is looking for doesn’t even exist in the form he seeks. (While it is available as a PDF, that format is a “nightmare to cull data from,” he writes.) And the city’s transit agency has not even responded for over two months, well beyond the statutory deadline that gives agencies 20 days to respond to a request.

What makes this even more questionable is that Google is making a similar map, and will require the same data James is seeking, he says. If Google is going to receive the schedule data, it should be released to the public as well, James argues.

“After all we all pay for it with taxes and fares.”

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