Little Impact from Hacks
September 5th, 2007

It seems the taxi strike has caused little annoyance for New Yorkers today some bloggers have even said they will relish in the next two days free of cabbies cruising and clogging the streets.

On Streetsblog, New Yorkers mocked the taxi strike. One reader asked, “Oh, there was a strike today?”

The Post is siding with the city, stating the seemingly limited support for the strike makes sense.

At a press conference earlier today, Mayor Michael Bloomberg took a similar stance. The mayor said an estimate that 80 percent of drivers bailed on work today is an exaggeration, and the strike has had “limited impact, if at all.”

Still, others found extra long lines at La Guardia, JFK and Pennsylvania Station, which at one point left commuters waiting in line for a half hour to catch a cab.

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