State of the City 2008
January 17th, 2008

Mayor Michael Bloomberg delivered his seventh annual State of the City address today and outlined a number of specific proposals, including:

-improving Fire Department technology and training

-taking DNA samples from every person arrested in New York City

-ending social promotion for eighth graders

-extending a $400-a-year property tax rebate and a 7 percent property tax deduction

-overhauling vocational and technical education in high schools and community colleges

-surveying 100,000 New Yorkers to determine how well they are served by the city government

-and creating a Charter Reform Commission to reform the Board of Elections.

The mayor also warned that the economy appears headed for difficult times, but the New York Times City Room blog notes that Mr. Bloomberg offered few details about the spending cuts he would propose, for the city fiscal year that starts on July 1, and he did not dwell on the economic conditions, including the weakening housing market and the subprime mortgage crisis, which have begun to hurt homeowners in every borough except, for the most part, Manhattan.

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