Voting Machine Confusion -- Present and Future
February 5th, 2008

This is by Andrea Senteno who handles voting issues as a program associate at Citizens Union Foundation, which publishes Gotham Gazette.

We are well into Super Tuesday here in New York. More than 20 states are holding caucuses or primaries today, including delegate rich states like our own and California. While polls have been open for little more than nine hours, reports of problems at the polls have been popping up since early this morning. Voters across the city have reported back to the New York Times and The Politickerabout what they have seen at the polls, including broken machines that are forcing voters to cast their votes using paper emergency ballots.

Meanwhile, the State Board of Elections has been under constant watch in recent days following a controversial decision that two of the three ballot marking devices (BMDs) approved for purchase were non-compliant with New York States full-face ballot provisions, which require that all races can be viewed at once. The board had also initially rejected the submission of a Liberty Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting machine, which was submitted as an option for the ballot marking device to be used in 2008. Liberty filed suit, and yesterday a judge ordered the state to include the Liberty machine in the list of approved voting systems.

The city Board of Elections is set to hold a special meeting tomorrow to select the ballot marking devices that will be used in the September and November elections this year.

This dance back and forth over the machines hardly seems likely to benefit New York voters. After considering the problems some voters are experiencing at the polls today, it really makes one wonder what we can expect with the arrival of a new voting system.

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