The Cattle Branding of Times Square
February 22nd, 2008

Karrie Jacobs wrote a decade ago that Times Square was the only place in New York to “explore the marriage of architecture and electronic technology, of form and image, that is emerging as the defining style of the early twenty-first century. But now, in Metropolis Magazine, she questions the relevance of “a district dedicated to overstimulation for overstimulations sake in todays environment.”

Times Square, she observes, “is now the epicenter of branding, its vitality dependent on the creative brio of the advertising industry. And branding, at this moment, is less a matter of originality and more a matter of claiming turf, whether that turf is a Times Square Jumbotron, a wee cell-phone screen, or the spot that blocks the paragraph youre trying to read on a Web site. Ive always loved Times Square, but Im sick to death of branding.”

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