Make Money, Help the Environment
February 29th, 2008

When most people think of recycling, they think of the environment. But another, less intuitive reason to recycle is to raise money. Yes, that old shirt or cell phone may actually be used to raise money for your school or to fight cancer. There are at least two programs operating in the city who use recycling as a fundraising tool.

On such program is called EcoPhones, a for-profit company that pays for electronic waste. At least six schools in the city collect old cellphones, CD players and ink cartridges, which EcoPhones collects and pays for.

At Edward R. Murrow High School in Midwood, Brooklyn, they collect electronic waste throughout the school year, and have received about $300 from EcoPhone since September [corrected].

“It’s easy,” says Sandra Pinder, who administers the program, “If you have an old phone, you just bring it to us.” Not only does the school raise some money, it helps keeps trash that is often toxic from entering landfills.

Another program is Wearable Collections, which recycles old clothing and linen. This non profit organization will set up a bin a requested location in Manhattan (and sometimes the outer boroughs) and then collect it when it is full. They pay you for the textiles, and get the second hand clothing into the hands of people who need them all over the world.

Clothing and textiles account for about six percent of the garbage New York City generates, according to the Council on the Environment in New York City.

Wearable Collections’ founder, Adam Baruchowitz, started the program to raise money for spinal cord research after a friend of his was paralyzed in an accident, TreeHugger wrote in 2006.

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2 Responses to “Make Money, Help the Environment”

  1. Sandra Pinder Says:
    March 3rd, 2008 at 9:37 am

    The amount of $300 is not a monthly collection. We have collected about $300 since September. We collect these items from the time we open in September to the time we close in June.

  2. Saving Money Advice Says:
    September 6th, 2010 at 5:30 am

    recycle the worst part that is plastic

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