A Congestion Pricing Update
April 2nd, 2008

Is there anything going on besides the all-consuming congestion pricing debate? I’ve looked without any luck.

So here is another update.

William Thompson, comptroller and potential mayoral candidate (for more mayoral candidates and other potential candidates for city or state office both this year and next, check out our new feature: Who’s Running For What) has come out in support of the plan — again.

Here is a letter he sent to the State Legislature and the governor, which “reiterated” his support for congestion pricing and responded to some of the most recent changes.

Last year, Thompson lent his support to the Bloomberg administration, but said the pricing plan needed several improvements. He followed a similar path today, stating the new plan should eliminate the toll exemption for those that already face a fee (i.e. Jersey drivers), 77.5 percent of congestion pricing’s revenue should be spent on New York City Transit or MTA bus capital needs and, lastly, that E-Z pass drivers should get three free entrances per month after 10 a.m.

Elsewhere, the State Assembly has reportedly started its conference on the congestion pricing plan, where members are apparently hammering out the details behind closed doors in the capital.

On the good government front, Citizens Union, the sister organization to Gotham Gazette’s publisher, has come out for the pricing plan with a couple caveats, including some exemptions for certain charities. For their full position, click here.

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