Rumblings of a Placard Crackdown
April 9th, 2008

In a sign that Bloomberg’s plans to reduce parking perks afforded to city employees weren’t just for show, Streetsblog reports that the Post reported that NYPD Internal Affairs is cracking down on falsified parking permits. Comments on Streetsblog say this isn’t enough — could it be the right approach to actually changing a pervasive culture of flagrant placard abuse? Not if the whole thing stops with one sweep.

I’ll confess to a teeny tiny bias on this particular issue, as my commute to and from Gotham Gazette HQ takes me down bike lanes that are rotten with, if not permit abuse, parked cars*

We’ll keep watching the city’s progress on this one, and we’ll let you know if any watchdog groups decide to raise the issue of parking with impunity as a basic issue of abuse of power by city employees.

* You probably can’t tell from the Google Map flyover that the Adams Street service road has a bike lane full of cars, but maybe if it weren’t so full of cars you’d be able to see the bright green bike lane beneath them.

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