Park Battles
April 30th, 2008

In a city where everything is contentious, add another item to the list: parks. The Observer reports on the trend for community groups to fight parks in their midst, often with lawsuits and often with some success.

The groups do not oppose green space and trees but say they object to the “public-private partnerships undertaken by the Bloomberg administration to develop or to change the parks.” This issue has arisen at Union Square, where a lawsuit has at least temporarily blocked plans for a private restaurant, and on Randall’s Island where another suit has halted the city’s plan to give private schools priority in using playing fields.

The opponents also voice a complaint that has come to characterize the Bloomberg administration: They don’t consult with people in the community. “This is the worst situation Ive ever encountered in terms of [dealings with] the community Carol Greitzer, a former councilwoman from the West Village who helped start 250+ Friends of New York Parks, told the Observer. “They come up with a plan. Maybemaybeif youre lucky, you can tweak it slightly, but thats about all you can do.

For more on the administration’s approach to planning, see Is the Long-Term Sustainability Plan Sustainable? by Tom Angotti.

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